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Recently, we have noticed that job announcements are being limited in duration to as little as 1 week or less. Check for vacancies frequently to ensure you don’t miss an opportunity to bid on a desirable overseas job.  When applying for any federal job, especially overseas jobs, read the job announcement carefully, highlight actions that you must take to apply and do not leave out anything. If you don’t submit all required information and forms your application may be rejected or at the very least you won’t rate “Best Qualified” for the position.

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9 tips that could help you get a job Oversease

1. Choose your dream city

You might already have a destination in mind, but if you don’t, think about what makes you an asset to a particular region. Foreign language skills are a natural first step, but if you want to apply directly to a job in another country, ask yourself where your skills and background will be most attractive to potential employers.

“There are certain industries where your expertise can be valued’’

2. Convince them you’re worth it

The biggest challenge to winning a position abroad is showing a hiring manager that it’s worth it to bring on someone from another country. The first place to sell yourself is in your cover letter. “Let them know that you’re not currently in the U.S. but looking to relocate to their city, most likely at your own expense—and tell them why you’re the perfect candidate for the job.”

Tell them you’re willing to do what it takes to have a face-to-face interview. If they have a U.S. market yourself the same way you would here—let them know why you’re the best person for the job, above and beyond anyone else.”

3. Adjust to their time zone (and holidays)

You’re the job seeker, so you have to be flexible and match your schedule to theirs, not the other way around. If they’re available to interview at 3 a.m. your time, that’s when you have to do it. “And be mindful of holidays,” “Just because we’re closed on Labor Day or Thanksgiving does not mean that foreign companies are.”

4. Perfect your Skype skills

Since you probably won’t be jetting around the globe for interviews, you’re going to need to learn how to nail a Skype interview. Be sure to test your camera, use a neutral background and look just as polished as you would in person—no matter what time of the day or night it is.

If you’re fluent in a particular language, be prepared to prove it. “Not only might they ask to speak with you in the foreign language, you may also need to take a language test, so be ready for that,”.

5. Get clued in

Just because you’re stateside doesn’t mean you can’t stay up-to-date on a particular international job market. “Get really plugged in’’. You must be freshly up to date so you won’t miss any vital point or announcement on getting any job abroad. And that’s where we come in, we help in keeping you steadily updated right in your Facebook messenger inbox so there is no way you would miss out on this. But this is only when you have subscribed to our Free Membership list, very simple, click here to subscribe 100% free

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