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Environment & Water Authority – The Ministry of Climate Change and Environment will keep on enhancing household endeavors over all fields identifying with its capacities, in order to accomplish reasonable advancement and to keep up the UAE’s position as a provincial and global pioneer of activity. The Ministry will keep on supporting associations with governments and non-administrative accomplices. The Ministry should take after the controlling guideline set up by our shrewd pioneers and keep on building on the accomplishments over the earlier years. Environment & Water Authority

The arrangement of the Ministry of Environment and Water (MOEW) came with regards to a national vision to reinforce the dedication of the United Arab Emirates to the earth and practical advancement, as a reaction to a significant number of the improvements that have happened on the national and worldwide levels in the earlier years. The UAE has made the natural issue as one of the main attentiveness toward it is considered as a key contribution for accomplishing practical advancement. MOEW was built up in February 2006, supplanting the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, assuming responsibility and obligation of every one of its forces and capacities. Environment & Water Authority

Environment & Water Authority

Environment & Water AuthorityAs per the authoritative structure received by the service, five fundamental divisions are incorporated: Environmental Affairs Sector, Agricultural and Animal Affairs Sector, Water Resources and Nature Conservation Sector, Support Services Sector and Regions Sector.

Other than the Minister Sector, which drives a scope of operational divisions, for example, Strategic Planning and Performance Department, Governmental Communications Department, International Cooperation Department, the Coordination of Municipal Affairs Office, the Internal Audit Office, External Audit Sector, UAE Green Development Strategy Follow-up Office, and National Committee for Biodiversity Office. Environment & Water Authority

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