Privacy Policy

First and foremost, before we proceed to guide you and this, we want to quickly correct some impressions that might be misunderstood about us:

  1. We don’t get money from anyone. So if anyone asks you to pay any amount of money to get any info, please be guided, that’s not us
  2. We don’t issue out jobs to anyone, but we correctly guide and inform you of the best possible job opportunities closest to you and how you can easily apply and get approved.
  3. We update you on secure jobs that are currently trending and are available for application
  4. We research for the company correct contact information and requirement and update you on time so you can stand a better chance of getting approved.
  5. We give out a lot of this quality jobs information and how to get them for completely free of charge.

We provide most of this update using a feature called NearJobs on facebook and google, also we get an update from trusted recruitment website and share it with the closest possible living in that region.

We don’t collect sensitive data from anyone neither do we distribute your information to any 3rd parties.